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Have you experienced police brutality?

The police are supposed to serve and protect. So who do you turn to when police act outside of their authority and cause serious physical and psychological injuries? At Larwick, we stand up to police officers who violate the public’s trust.

Police brutality often occurs when the police use excessive force, make improper or illegal arrests, or falsely imprison a person. When police officers use excessive force or make a false arrest, they have violated your civil rights, and your state and federal Constitutional rights. You have to right make claims against them under state and federal law.

Being assaulted or falsely arrested by police is a traumatizing experience that can completely change your outlook on law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Larwick has seen firsthand just how seriously police misconduct can affect our clients and their families. Whether you suffered unnecessary injuries during an arrest, were arrested without a warrant or probable cause, or have lost a loved one due to illegal deadly force by police, the lawyers at Larwick are ready to help.

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