Dangerous & Defective Products In Eugene OR

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Has a defective product cause you harm or loss?

As consumers, we expect the products we buy or use to be safe. When someone is harmed by a defective product, the liable parties should have to pay. Though consumers face product liability risks every day—from motor vehicles to household goods—manufacturers have a duty to protect the safety of their end users. Companies not upholding that duty may be strictly liable for defects or failures to warn that result in injury to consumers.

At Larwick, we believe manufacturers must be held fully responsible for unsafe and defective products they have placed on the market.

Larwick has an established record of holding companies accountable when their products cause serious or permanent injury. Our lawyers have the technical knowledge, legal knowledge, and trial experience to hold manufacturers accountable. We can examine the nature of the defect, gather evidence, and work with field experts to build an effective legal strategy to get the award and justice you and your family deserve.

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