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Do you want to change your name?

People change their names for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, upon marriage or at the time that marriage is legally dissolved; but also to disassociate from abusers, assume a name that fits better with one’s gender, or simply just because.

When you decide to change your name, working with an attorney who has experience in this area of law may be beneficial. When the change comes through marriage or divorce, the procedures may be almost automatic. Similarly, the change of name for a minor child may follow from a successful adoption. However, when you initiate a separate legal action to change your name or that of a child, the process involves paperwork, fees, and possibly a court appearance. With proper guidance from our attorney, Audrey Stone, the change can be made relatively smoothly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends! It’s important to consult with an attorney about this possible change. While in some cases it may be easy and straightforward, some cases are complex and intertwine with the issue of custody. We are here to help!
Technically, yes. You will need to file the paperwork with the court, pay the fee, and obtain court permission to do so. That court permission is important in order to change all identifying documents to your new name.

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