Everyone deserves a zealous advocate.

Larwick Law Firm harnesses technology to create a fast-paced, efficient approach to obtaining justice for you.

We Change LIves

Let us be your voice when you need it.

We are a civil law firm dedicated to helping those who’ve been harmed by the misconduct of others. By recovering damages for our clients, we change lives. By holding the wrongdoers accountable, we make Oregon safer for all of us. We are also a family law firm dedicated to helping our clients through family law issues with compassion and patience. We are strong advocates for our clients when needed most.

Why choose Us

Tech Forward

Helps us create a fast-paced, efficient approach to obtaining justice for you.

Constant Learning

We keep up on current law, we study every contract, and we negotiate with insurance adjusters and lawyers.

Personal Injury Services

Personal and compassionate representation of those who have been injured or killed by the negligence or misconduct of another person or a corporation.


Police Excessive Force



Dangerous or Defective Products

Injuries on Dangerous Premises

Family Law Services

Family Law at Larwick specializes in all aspects of family law – regardless of family make-up, race, culture, or identity. Everyone deserves an advocate that clearly explains the law while remaining calm and compassionate.

Family Law Representation


Family Collaborative

Family Law Mediation


Relationship Contracts

Simple Estate


Our Philosophy

Built on the simple idea that everyone deserves a zealous advocate, Derek Larwick founded Larwick Law Firm in 2016. Derek committed to harnessing technology to create a fast-paced, efficient approach to obtaining justice for our clients.

Since that time, Larwick Law Firm has grown into a multi-attorney, multi-practice civil law firm that serves the needs of numerous clients.

Our Location

We are located in a newly remodeled, tech-forward building in the heart of Eugene, OR. Derek’s vision when creating this space was to ensure he built an accessible space where clients, students, and other professionals felt comfortable to participate fully in the legal matter at hand. It was important to Derek to ensure the building was a reflection of the firm values. Larwick Law Firm is centrally located to those in Lane County, but Larwick Law Firm happily serves clients from all over Oregon.


What our clients are saying about Larwick Law Firm.

I am so grateful for my experience working with Audrey Stone. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and hard working. I truly appreciated her patience and care and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a family law attorney. Thank you for being by my side during a difficult time, Audrey!

Gina Hedberg Google Review

Almost two years ago, I had an accident that kept me in hospital and rehab for three months. Couldn't sit up, stand, or walk for even longer. Devastating. I was referred to Derek Larwick. A great blessing, as things turned out. As a one-time lawyer, I could not imagine better representation. The team of Derek, Ashley, Beatrice, and Enya were willing to take on a case they weren't sure of at first, but toiled away for months. They were all fabulous. And today, I got a check for more than I had thought possible. Today, my life is transformed. Huge thanks. Deep appreciation.

Joseph Casey Google Review

The team at Larwick Law Firm were great to work with. They took the time to listen carefully to my situation, explained the process of my case in detail, and presented realistic scenarios about what I could expect as an outcome. They didn’t over promise, and yet weren’t pessimistic. I feel in this regard, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity. Anytime I needed them, they were always available and responded quickly. Due to Covid, the trial date moved multiple times, yet they we’re ready to get me quickly onboard once we were close to the hearing. Thank you so much for everything!

Jennifer Pappalardo Google Review