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Do you need legal advice that's flexible and cost-effective?

To continue our commitment to providing clients with the best legal services for the least amount of financial burden, we also offer pay as you go legal coaching. Legal coaching encompasses both compassionate education and sound legal advice. It’s a time for you to pay for an hour* (or more!) of our attorney’s time to ask questions, gain an understanding of what is happening, feel supported, and leave with clear strategies of how to best navigate your family law case. You can pay for as many sessions as you need. It’s a flexible and cost-effective solution to your family law needs without a long term commitment.

First hour includes:

  • 40 minute call/ video
  • 10 minute prep
  • 10 minute email follow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! With legal coaching there is no contract or commitment to ongoing or future services involved. All you agree to is having the sessions you pay for. It’s a drop in session when you need it.

The options are endless. Some that have come up recently are: asking for legal advice on whether a certain rule in a parenting plan is effective, asking how to go about splitting the marital residence, asking if it is okay to move out during the pendency of a case, and asking about how overnights are calculated for child support purposes. Sometimes you just need to ask an attorney a question and that is what our legal coaching is here for.

No, unfortunately speaking with opposing parties and/or opposing counsel is not part of legal coaching as legal coaching is not representation. If you need an attorney to speak on your behalf to someone else, you probably need to look into limited or full scope representation (see our tailored representation program).

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