DMV records

DMV Basics

     The DMV has useful information for all collision cases, and maybe even for some non-collision cases.  This page covers required reporting of collisions to avoid license suspension, obtaining driver and vehicle records, and ordering a summary of information within collision reports (which are exempt from disclosure).  Larwick Law Firm has an account with the Oregon DMV.  Navigate to their site, click on Partner Sign In, and add username and password.


DMV Accident Report Form

     In every case involving injuries (no matter how minor) or at least $1,500 in vehicle damage to any vehicle, the parties to the crash must complete the DMV Accident Report Form within 72 hours to avoid possible license suspension.  Here’s a link to the form:


Driver history and driving records

     For every case arising out of automobile use or trucking, you need to obtain records from the DMV.


Quick Search with Driver’s License Number

     If you have documentation showing the Defendant driver’s license number, you can do an instant search.  Click on “Search for a driver” and follow instructions.  This includes current address listed with the DMV but little other information.


Full Search of Defendant Driver (Requires License, Date of Birth, Collision Date)

     You should do a full search of the Defendant driver in every case arising out of automobile use or trucking.  See below for what you should order.  Note that the Certified Court Print option is duplicative of the Certified Court Print with CDL Med Cert Info.  “CDL Med Cert Info” refers to the medical screening tests that commercial drivers undergo, and it particularly applies in trucking or other commercial driver cases.  The request for the Defendant driver should look like this, with a total cost of $45.50 for the Defendant driver.  The request should look like this:

The next screen will ask you for identifying information, such as the driver’s license number, date of the collision, etc.  License, date of birth, and collision date are required.