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Changing lives. Improving safety.

We have dedicated our professional lives to helping those who have suffered from the wrongful conduct of others.  By recovering damages for our clients, we change their lives.  By holding wrongdoers accountable, we make Oregon safer for everyone.

Practice Areas

Auto Collisions

Auto insurance companies make money by denying claims and making insufficient offers.  We help our clients get full and fair damages when they've been harmed by other drivers.

Healthcare Negligence

We know the ins and outs of medical negligence claims and have been part of some of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Oregon.

Insurance Claims

Insurance law is highly specialized.  Our thorough understanding of it benefits our clients.  We maximize our clients' recovery by using the insurance code's protections and staying current on developments in the law.

Bicycle Collisions

Bicycle and pedestrian cases present unique challenges.  Oregon has special rules and laws to protect bicyclists injured by negligent drivers.

Police Excessive Force

Law enforcement officers are allowed to use reasonable force on criminal suspects.  When officers exceed the amount of force allowed, the victim has a right to a remedy for the harm caused.

Nursing Home Abuse

Oregon has laws to protect our most vulnerable senior citizens from neglect and abuse.  We have resolved many cases on behalf of Oregon's elders.


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